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Welcome to Mazze Testnet

Mazze Testnet serves as a testing environment for developers looking to evaluate new features and stability before they are finalized. Our testnet allows you to interact with Mazze's blockchain technology under real-world conditions. Your feedback helps us improve and ensure a reliable network for everyone.

Discover the Mazze Testnet

Dive into the Mazze testnet to experiment, test, and validate our Layer 1, proof of work DAG blockchain with EVM support.

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Experience enhanced throughput and efficiency with our DAG architecture.

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Full EVM support enables seamless smart contract deployment and execution.

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Robust security measures integrated to safeguard all transactions and contracts.

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Continuously evolving features and functionalities to meet modern demands.

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Access Your Testnet Tokens

Get started with your Mazze blockchain testing by accessing our Testnet Faucet. This feature allows you to request MAZZE tokens effortlessly, enabling you to conduct transactions, deploy smart contracts, and explore the full capabilities of our testnet environment.


Test sending and receiving MAZZE tokens.

Explore gas efficiency across operations.

Validate transaction speeds and block processing.

Fast and Secure Transactions

Experience real-time transaction processing with enhanced security and reliability.


Deploy and interact with smart contracts.

Utilize existing tools and frameworks for development.

Test compatibility with Ethereum-based contracts.

Smart Contract

Build and deploy versatile and powerful contracts seamlessly on Mazze. 


Engage with new features as they are rolled out.

Provide feedback directly influencing development.

Help refine and optimize the blockchain's performance.

Be part of
the Evolution

Your input drives our improvements, paving the way for groundbreaking blockchain solutions.


Got Questions? We've got Answers

Learn more about the Mazze testnet and it's features.

How do I connect to the Mazze testnet?


You can connect through MetaMask by adding the Mazze testnet details provided in our developer resources.

Where can I find Mazze testnet tokens?


Testnet tokens can be requested via our faucet available on the MazzeScan website or directly through community channels.

Can I deploy my existing Ethereum smart contracts on Mazze?


Yes, our EVM compatibility allows you to deploy Ethereum smart contracts with little to no modification.

What should I do if I encounter an issue on the testnet?


Please report any issues through our support page or directly on our community channels to help us improve.

Are there any incentives for participating in the testnet?


Currently, participating in the testnet offers invaluable experience and a chance to contribute to the development of the Mazze blockchain. Incentives may be introduced as we progress.